AML / KYC compliance at your fingertips

Versatile Customer Underwriting combines all the functions you need in one easy-to-use platform.

VCU user's homepage with updated News, recent checking cases and AML statistics
Let our dynamic checklist guide you through the AML / KYC compliance process.
Comply with all regulations and get professional results - even if you are a novice.
Conclude investigations in an instant. Generate and retain reports to maintain an audit trail.
Enhance your customer experience by reducing on-boarding times and costs through automation.
Real-time Company Data

Crucial information, direct from the source

VCU connects you to vital company information via real-time data feeds from 200+ corporate registries, ensuring the information you are accessing is up-to-date at the time of consumption.

VCU screenshot on investigation result of an example company
Automatically extract the names of directors and shareholders from corporate documents.
AML compliant
Automate the routine AML checks on sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists.
Identify UBOs
Access Transparency Registers to rapidly determine ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs).
Get real-time access to data from selected company houses.
Customer Due Diligence

Effective, efficient and reliable KYC / KYB

VCU automates all the laborious tasks associated with customer due diligence by flagging any potential issues - so you can focus on the important aspects of the investigation.

Easily identify connections between corporate entities, individuals and addresses to build a complete and transparent picture of their relationships.

VCU screenshot of a company's network
Make relationships visible and dig deeper to unveil hidden connections.
Review automated background research for every person and entity.
icon risk analysis
Get a numerical risk score for all investigated parties.
Identify indicators for shell companies and virtual addresses.
One-click Compliance

Let us act as your in-house compliance team

VCU has been developed to make AML compliance and customer on-boarding straightforward, regardless of your level of expertise.

We recognise, however, that you may prefer to focus on your core competence or simply don’t have the resources for a dedicated compliance department of your own. The solution: Just use ours!

With VCU's service option, Fintact's team of compliance professionals is always just one click away.

VCU screenshot on detailed investigation report of an example company
VCU screenshot on detailed investigation report of an example company
Receive a full digital case file, including all supporting documents and a detailed summary report.
Express option
Results are delivered in only a few hours - or even faster with our express service.