Transaction monitoring & analysis

Know your payments

Correspondence banks and other financial institutions are at the forefront of the fight against money laundering. To win it, you need the right tools for the job.
With PayTracer, Fintact provides you with a next generation solution to screen SWIFT transactions saving significant time and costs and ensuring suspicious activity is rooted out quickly.
What Paytracer does

Intelligent transaction screening

PayTracer, is a transaction tracking and analysis solution that identifies and flags suspicious transactions in a few clicks.
Limited SWIFT transaction data is enriched with additional open source information like fraud warnings, negative news and company registry data delivering actionable intelligence in an instant.
Transaction Mapping
Transactions can be reviewed in the information-dense detailed view and explored in a dynamic network graph.
Portfolio Management
A whole host of filters ensures you can systematically work through all relevant transactions.
Investigative Modules
PayTracer leverages a suite of investigative modules that enrich your data with publicly available information.
Automated Reporting
Get a PDF report that includes all flagged transactions with one click.
End-to-end Platform

Explore suspicious connections

PayTracer operates as a case management system for risk analysts enabling them to identify and flag suspicious transactions in just a few clicks.
PayTracer highlights problematic connections and round-tripping via its network view. Background research, risk scores and flagged elements are all included in the automatically generated PayTracer report.
Easy Risk Scoring - Every transaction and transaction element is automatically scored according to factors like their connection with high-risk businesses or virtual addresses.
Round-Trip Analysis - PayTracer automatically identifies potential round-trip transactions for you to review.
Enriched Data - All risk information incorporates additional, publicly available data from registries and the web.
PayTracer's case management screenshot